Something Deeper Ministries

Something Deeper Ministries

Author: Julie Reid
November 02, 2022

When you aren’t feeling well and pretty certain you need a prescription, where do you go?  Urgent Care!  When you break your arm in a motorcycle accident (who does that??), where do you go?  The Emergency Room!  Those are easy answers for most of us in the United States.

But what if you are living in rural Uganda? What do you do if you aren’t feeling well?  You try medicinal herbs, perhaps.  If that doesn’t work?  Maybe you find a friend with a motorcycle to drive you the 26km (16 miles), on the dirt roads, to a district health care center, where you MIGHT be seen by a doctor.  But it’s very crowded there.  And it how much could it cost?? Do you have enough money?

Isaac and Rachel Mubezi saw this great need for quality health care in rural Uganda.  Isaac’s home village is miles from the nearest quality health care facility.   So they have answered this call and are building The Hope and Healing Center in Kiwanyi (“Ch-wan-ee”) village, where Isaac was raised.

I serve as the treasurer on the board of Something Deeper Ministries (a US non-profit), which raises funds to support the building of the Hope and Healing Center.  During my years on the board, I’ve watched Isaac and Rachel share their dream and then build their dream.  The Hope and Healing Center is a beautiful facility which offer maternity care, surgeries, out patient care, pharmacy and laboratory work.  

In additioin, they also are teaching sustainability practices to the residents of Kiwanyi.  The HHC grows pineapples on the hospital grounds and hires workers from the village to care for and harvest the fruit.  They raise chickens and sell eggs to people in the village.  This hospital isn’t just about medical care. They are concerned with the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the people in Kiwanyi.

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