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Carol @ Thad Chodakauskas
5/21 Please pray for Doug Stewart as he was in a bad car accident this last sat. 2 broken legs, 2 vertebrae were fractured t5& L7. Nose bones broken , teeth broken. On ventilator At sacred heart. No head injury as of yet. Self induced coma
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5/17 Please pray my husband's mind is renewed ,that he comes home and my family is reunited. Thank you.
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Laurie Cuneo
I'm going to have open heart surgery May 3rd. At Sacred Heart Hospital. I'm having 2 valves fixed and replaced. Part of my heart muscle removed. I do dialysis 3 times a week, because my kidneys no longer work do to Lupus. And at the beginning of this year, I was diagnosed with ms. I need Gods grace and peace surrounding me.
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Kenji Nitta
Please pray for wisdom as church leaders explore community outreach projects.
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