At Timberview, we support both local and global missions.

Local Missions

Local missions is what we call the good stuff we do in our North Spokane County communities.  We have many of our own works and we partnered with several social service agencies.  Among these works and partners are inner-city soup kitchens, childhood nutrition projects, orphan care, and trauma-informed peer support services.  Contact the church office if you're in need of some resourcing and we'll do our best to help you.

Updates from our Local Mission Partners


Global Missions

Global missions are works outside of Northern Spokane County.  Across the globe, we support several ministry efforts.  Among these are poverty alleviation projects, pastoral leadership development in Asia, bible translation in Papua New Guinea, reforestation projects, childhood education initiatives, and church planting.

Updates from our Missionaries

February 2023 Steve and Celine- Newsletter 


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