Author: Pastor Kenji Nitta
May 03, 2022

Rejoice in hope, be patient in suffering, be constantly devoted to prayer.
Romans 12:12

Timberview Church has been through many seasons.  The church is approaching three decades of ministry and has had several different pastors and leaders serving her throughout the years.
Upon my arrival as the new pastor in January of 2020, we had high hopes.  Then, two months later, the COVID pandemic changed the game.  Next, in the second year, staffing and parishioner turnover exacerbated our sense of disorientation.  Now, we are in a season of strength and stability as we continue to see people come to Jesus, find Christian community, and deepen their commitments to Christ.
But although seasons change our God and His word remain the same.  Romans 12:12 is always our call whether in seasons of plenty or want.
Thus, we rejoice in hope.  We enjoy our hope that Jesus saves!  We hope to see even more people come to Christ.  We rejoice in the hope that we will continue to become more like Jesus!  We hope to continue growing in holiness and the power of the Holy Spirit.  We enjoy our hope that God wins!  We hope to see the light triumph over darkness as the world is changed for the better through the ministry of our church.  We enjoy our hope of deliverance!  We know that although life includes suffering, God is making all things new until the last day of redemption comes and everything is changed in glory.
We are also patient in suffering.  Jesus said that in this life we will have trouble.  We are patient in the face of a world quickly changing into something we can no longer recognize.  We are patient as we send our children out into this scary new place to find their call amidst the danger.  We are patient as our friends and loved ones pass into glory and leave us behind.  We are patient as church members are diagnosed with cancer.  We are patient as marriages struggle and sometimes die.  As a church, we are patient in all kinds of trials and we face them together in Christian friendship and unity.
Lastly, we persevere in prayer.  Our dependence and connection to God cannot be neglected.  We talk to God.  We question and debate and praise and thank and wrestle and surrender and intercede and plead with God.  We believe and trust in the power of prayer.  We are constantly devoted to our unchanging God as the only one who can hold us above the water in the maelstrom of living.
Churches go through many seasons, but obedience is for every season.  Thankfully, Timberview is in a season of strength now.  We are seeing salvations, friendships, outreach, and life change happen.  But life is an unpredictable hike.  So whether our church family is in a season of plenty or want, sickness or health, wealthy or poor, empty or full-let us always rejoice in hope, be patient in affliction, and persevere in prayer.

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